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The Paper Game is basically Telephone but with drawings. It's a very fun group or family game to play, but to play it on paper, as per its name, you need to fold and cut many pieces of paper, and explain the folding technique to all your players, which has many times been confusing, and the messages wind up extremely hard to interpret. SO, I have created a digital version of this game to make it slightly more convenient, but unfortunately, unlike the regular Paper Game, you won't be able to save the drawings afterwards. 


-You must have as many Scratch-compatible devices as you have players to play this.

-If it's your turn to interpret a drawing and you think you know what the original sentence was, just go with it based off of what the drawing looks like, otherwise the end results won't be as funny.

-If anyone can translate this into a code language that supports online multiplayer, it would be much appreciated.


The Paper Game v1.1-REDRAW.sb2 1 MB

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